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Public Authority comes by way of the consent of the People, at all times. 

When oathed-and-contracted public servants start to forget that and behave in ways immature, bullying, or in excess of what is reasonable, we exist to hold to account, to record, report, recommend and, if needs be, prosecute either individual public servants or public institutions, including the government itself.

The Peoples’ Public Trust was born of the question: “Are Public Servants entrusted with holding the wellbeing of the People as their highest priority?”  And, if so, at what point does this implicit Trust begin?  

That Trust begins as soon as the person is accepted for the role, before even job descriptions are agreed, before contracts signed,  the Trust is the first part of the relationship any Public Servant has in their role with the People they are hired to serve. 

It is the foundation of all Public Service employment, all community even. 

When Trust start to wobble any relationship is in danger of degenerating and, in the case of the public and their servants, we end up with an ‘us and them’ mentality on both sides of the ‘fence.’

This is a sad and inappropriate position to be in as there is no ‘us and them,’ only ‘us and us’ as we are all members of the community while not serving at work, and we are all beneficiaries of the wonderful range of Public Services our ancestors enshrined in the structures of our nation.

No public servant has any actual authority over any member of the public as they are not a hierarchical class, nor do we ‘give’ them our private powers in sacrifice, but we enable them to represent it.  

This is why ALL senior police officers know, and regularly repeat, that policing is by consent of the People, there is no mandate to act with impunity or in breach of the Oath which exists to restrain their powers.

Representing the People

As representatives of the the People (and their power), Public Servants are not storehouses of those powers, like giving your bank money on deposit. 

Instead it is more like offering a form of power of attorney: the lawyer does not ‘take over your power, leaving you with none,’ they simply represent it. 

If they are doing a terrible job, you just reclaim the power yourself in that moment and represent yourself (and potentially sack them!)

The same is true for public servants and sadly, many of them forget that.

The Peoples’ Public Trust act as living reminder of that detail, to offer reminder where appropriate, and to take swift action using similar powers of representation to take action.

Help us cultivate the representative power we need to take effective and lasting action to tidy up our Public Services and bring the communities of the UK a quality and humanity of service they deserve (and pay for!)

Empower and Enable the Peoples' Public Trust to bring Change

If you believe in what we stand for, the easiest way to support us is to grant us a limited Power of Attorney to also represent your power and authority in our actions. 

Every individual who adds their name to the list adds to our power and influence when taking Public Servants and their insitutions to task.  

Support us today – sign the Peoples’ Power of Attorney

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