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    Hey there PPT’er!

    Welcome to the discussion boards.  These are for discussion and evidence gathering around people and key issues of importance in the public interest that may lead to cases or recommendations to government or other public institutions. 

    Rules are straightforward:

    1. Be respectful at all times. You are likely to encounter people with a different opinion to yours. Realise our communities are naturally diverse, which means different opinions must co-exist.

    2. Ad hominem attacks will get you a warning, then a ban. This isn’t facebook or twitter.

    3. No Spam, advertising or or self-promotion. Facebook and Linkedin are made for that.

    4. No Doxing or posting of sensitive information about private parties. Such will be removed. Information about public bodies or large institutions is fine

    5. No Copyrighted material…should go without saying, but… it’s said.

    see you in the discussions!

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