Peoples’ Power of Attorney

The most powerful form of support you can offer us is your Power of Attorney. This enables us to prove we are representing the interests of not just our agents, but of many people of the UK / Great Britain.

This empowers us to have greater effectiveness on the street, in the court and on the Public Services overall. Please consider signing today. It is free.

This does not give us any power to do anything other than act on accused public servants who have evidence against them for bona fide offences. There is no other power granted.

This document has caused concern for some people, so let us be clear: Our objective is clearly stated : you empower us to work to bring humanity, justness and justice to public services – nothing else.

The Peoples’ Power of Attorney

I, the undersigned, hereby authorise the Peoples’ Public Trust and their agents to represent the full scope of my private power and authority in their efforts to bring humanity, justness and justice to the Public Services, one servant at a time.

I give them my full authority to bring legal action, make recommendations and take to task any public servant or any institution evidenced or accused to be in violation of Oath or in danger of breaching the Public Trust to have the wellbeing of the People as their highest personal priority at all times.

I hereby authorise them to address individual servants, deal with their superiors, take legal action and bring associated court cases in my name, with my approval, carrying the full weight of my name and its power and authority.

entering your name here is equivalent to your signature made with pen on paper

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