Covid-19 and Lockdown

In response to the sweeping powers granted to all beat officers and their superiors following the COVID-19 pandemic, the People Public Trust is once again moving into action to enable and empower the people of the UK to hold their public servants to rightful account for the humanity of their service at a time when everyone is getting used to new ways of living.

Our Observers record and report as to whether individual public servants are fulfilling the fundamental Trust the People have placed in them: to have the wellbeing of the individual members of the Public as their highest personal priority at all times. 

This is not to obstruct the essential work of such public servants, but to ensure a humaneness and respect within that service, in whatever form it may take, and to hold to account when this is not be the case.

Just as we all get used to restrictions around our domestic living, so do public servants and police officers have to get used to their new powers.  This will come with extraordinary psychological challenges, pressures and tests in these times as everyone learns, and some inevitably get it wrong on the learning curve to a fair and just application of the new rules we all live with..

The Peoples Public Trust has perhaps never been more needed to help ensure this, the largest shift in public power and freedom in hundreds of years, is adapted to with humanity, respect, and community-mindedness.

Potential Co-Vid Peoples' Public Trust Activity:

Perhaps you can’t get involved yourself, for whatever reason.  If you’d still like to help, donations are one of the most useful forms of support as funding gives us staying power, both in the court, and in the community.

Please consider supporting us today as we strive for a more humane and just public service for us all.

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