Where did the Peoples’ Public Trust come from?

The Peoples’ Public Trust was founded in 2010 by Darren Deojee an experienced public servant himself, after hearing too many tales of inhumane and unjust conduct by public servants and police officers.  He was witness to many instances of a basic lack of respect and inequality of treatment and decided something had to be  done.

Darren Deojee, founder of the PPT

As with so many other things, he perceived a few bad apples were ‘ruining it’ for all of us and making our communities less pleasant, and damaging the Trust and goodwill between the People and the Public Services.

The Trust was formed to weed out the bad apples, and highlight re-training need with authority when required, and to take it to court if the situation warranted it.

Darren’s own experienced ranged from being a civilian in the police force as a young man, to managing a team for the Scottish Parliament when he was older, eventually becoming a whistleblower over expenses fraud.  This was years before Westminster had even been audited for member expenses.  

He went on to serve councils and other public bodies from the private sector as an expenses and software consultant to bring about better accountability of the spend of public funds.

He now lives with his 4 children and partner in Suffolk and runs a mentoring business and an online health food store. 


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