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Without volunteers who wish to see a more humane, decent, just and respectful public service, the Peoples’ Public Trust would not exist.

If you would like to help maintain goodwill between the Public Services and the community at this most trying of junctures in our nations history, please, join us by volunteering some time.

Together, we can weed out the bad apples, abusers, pocket-liners, dishonest folks and those who are perhaps not properly emotionally or psychologically equipped to be serving the community in positions of power or authority.

Volunteer Application Form
Complete this form if you would like to volunteer with us. This can be anything from being an Observer 'on the ground' to helping out behind the scenes with casework, research, administration, forum moderation, site development, PR, networking with related organisations/bodies and more.

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Use the next section to tell us more about how you would like to volunteer with us, and if you have any skills or experience that would be particularly relevant.
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There is no need to have served. This just helps us better position you within the Trust.
we warmly welcome actively serving Public Servants as it takes all members of the community to help 'weed out' the bad apples that tarnish the reputation of the thousands of good Public Servants.
A criminal record does not prevent you from volunteering with us, but it may affect which roles you can be assigned
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