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Founded in 2010, The Peoples’ Public Trust exists to ensure a humanity of service in Public Servants as they execute their duties.  With the sweeping new powers brought around by Covid-19, never has the need for our function been so great. 

Using training, observers, and legislative action, we ensure serving officers and other public authorities are aware that they are each personally accountable for upholding the implicit Trust the Public have placed in them : namely, to have the wellbeing of the People as their highest personal priority at all times.

Public Authority comes by way of the consent of the People, at all times, and when hired public servants start to forget that and behave in ways immature, bullying, or in excess of what is reasonable, we exist to hold to account, to record, report, recommend and, if needs be, prosecute either individual public servants or officers, or public institutions, including the government itself.

5 Ways to Help or Get Involved

  • Sign the Peoples' Power of Attorney
  • Make a Donation
  • Become a local Observer in your area (details coming soon)
  • Help administrate reports, record and cases
  • Register on the Public Trust network and join in the conversation (top right)
  • Tell your friends and family, and share us on your networks

The Peoples'

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