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We are the Peoples Public Trust and we have one goal - fixing the public services of this once-great nation.


Great Britain has one of the greatest public service infrastructures in the world, but it is not functioning at its best just now - and we are sure almost everyone knows that something is wrong.


We believe that everyone also has some idea as to what that 'something' is.  We believe it comes from some public servants serving the needs of big business, their own egos, or their own selfish or immature desires instead of what they are supposed to do - serving the People!


Be they abusing their power or authority, lining their own pockets, or just behaving badly, it is a failing to do as they were each entrusted, and paid, to do: To have the wellbeing and benefit of the People and the community as their highest personal priority:


Safe, healthy, creative and progressive communities. Quality and engaging education for our children. Quality services that are delivered in a respectful, helpful and courteous manner.


Is this not the impression of this nation that we try to present to the world? It surely is what we want, isn't it?


We're certainly paying enough to achieve those goals.


We believe the problem is not the structure of our services, but the conduct of individual public servants. Not a lot of them, as there are thousands and thousands of excellent servers out there, but just a few 'bad apples' are ruining our communities and our very lives with their abuses of authority, decisions which benefit big business first, and their own immature or selfish behaviour.


This represents a breach of the most fundamental trust in our entire society - the trust that those we pay from the public purse to serve should be serving the public and no one else, and that service should reflect value for money and give good quality and excellent customer service.


These very-human qualities are what is disappearing - to be replaced by unjust processes, cash confiscation, abuse of position, rudeness and unhelpfulness. At it's worst - kidnap, unlawful detention, bullying and harassment.


This is where the Peoples Public Trust come in. We are mandated to work to fix the public service. To ally with those who want a safe community, a loving environment for children, healthy and progressive education and quality services for all, and to hold to account those who stand against these goals by their actions.


We get involved to pursue individual public servants and serving organisations for that breach of trust, in whatever form it has taken, from misrepresentation, misuse of public office, corruption and improper process all the way down to plain-and-simple rude, unhelpful or obnoxious behaviour.


We aim to fix the public service one servant at a time until we get what all of us really want - quality services, safe communities, helpful councils with civility,  courtesy and good spiritedness from those of us in those roles.


We believe it isn't that hard. The missing qualities from our paid servants and services are all the FREE ones - respect, helpfulness, courtesy, commitment to role, humanity and so on.  We work to re-inject these qualities and by doing so, we believe we can restore the quality and integrity of our services, as well as the honour, value and respect for that great role to the community that is 'Public Service.'  See 'how we work' to find out the ways we seek to achieve this.


We also need your help as we undertake this mammoth, but achievable, task. See 'get involved' to see what you can do.


Lets not just moan about whats wrong and about 'them doing this or that' - lets take some action while we still can and lets do it properly!


Our site is very new, but is being updated gradually as we . Please bear with us while our content is added....


last update May 16th 2011 - the site is still young. Please bear with us.


We are Volunteers PDF Print E-mail

The Peoples Public Trust are all volunteers who are motivated by the desire for a change. 

We are made up of a growing number of concerned members of the community, experienced ex-public servants (the kind that remember what it is to be a true 'public servant') and private trusts.

We all share the Trust vision and we are focussed on identifying and dealing with those in service that don't.  We have to ask: if you don't want safe and healthy communities; reliable, friendly, honest and quality services; creative and progressive education for children then a) what do you want?  b) should you really be serving the public and the community? Isn't there perhaps another role that suits you better?

We need volunteers of all levels and skills and invite you to get in touch if you share our vision - we can only have the impact we need to have, and to bring about the changes we are mandated to, with the support of as many of the People as possible.  Please get in touch if you want to help.

Please be aware that our telephones are not manned all the time.  If you don't get through, drop us an email to trustmatters {at} peoplespublictrust.com and we'll get back to you.


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