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    Welcome to the Police and Public Servant Overreach Group and Forum.

    This is both a group AND a forum to allow for long-and-short form conversation around what is a very significant issue of public interest.

    Police and Public Servants are entrusted with vast amounts of power and authority to enable them to serve the people of the nation well and effectively.

    When they are misbehaving, for whatever reason, it is a matter of urgent public and national interest as just a few ‘bad apples’ can, and have, damaged the reputation of our excellent services in this country.

    Use for forums for long form discussion, and the social network group for sharing that doesn’t need long-term referencing.

    Bring here concerns AND EVIDENCE about institutions and individuals so that cases can be built and evidence tested. These discussions can form the basis of legal cases to help bring real change to our communities, so please, keep the quality high and the manner respectful, even if gathering evidence on an immature oaf in officer of power – don’t become one in the process.

    Thanks and look forward to seeing you in the discussions!

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